The following testimonial is from one of our valued Educators who transitioned to Bambini from a local Council Scheme within Melbourne:

"My name is Joyce and I have been an early learning educator for the last twenty three years. I was with our local council for twenty one of those years and due to their closure I approached Bambini, who I had been watching with interest for the last 3 years.

After the council closure, representatives of Bambini met with myself and the parents of the children in my care for a question and answer night. I knew from that night I wanted to be part of the Bambini team. They were very welcoming and made the transition stress free and a positive experience for myself, the children in my care and their families.

They have given me the opportunity to expand my business and offer more services to my local community of Manningham. l would encourage anyone who was considering a career in child care to look into Bambini who are a growing company within the child care sector. While some schemes are shrinking, Bambini are growing because of the team they have in place who are encouraging, supportive, give you opportunity to grow and they treat everyone as part of their team and also the quality of their early learning educators.

For a young growing company Bambini have had a very successful 12 months achieving good quality in their validation visits and gaining their full child care licence.

I encourage any person who wants to be an early learning educator to join the Bambini team and come on the journey."

This next Testimonial is from a family who Transitioned with Joyce to Bambini from a Local Council Scheme:

"The transition to Bambini has been so simple and easy for us and more importantly for our early learning educator and our children.  The whole experience was very caring and positive.

My children have also developed close relationships with the Bambini staff.  The staff are very supportive of Joyce and extremely friendly to the children.  The children have developed a trust with them and this has been proven on several occasions when they have cared for the children when Joyce was not able to.

We would highly recommend Family Day Care with Bambini as they genuinely care about working parents, the early learning educators and the children.  We really like the friendly home environment, the smaller group numbers and the flexibility of care.  They are also able to accommodate the needs of working families including transporting the children to schools or kindergartens and providing after school care.

Thank you Bambini for supporting the Family Day Care program as we are very grateful and completely satisfied with the level of care you have provided for our children.  We would recommend Family Day Care as a great option for all families."

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